1. Made in Colombia
All of our pieces are produced in Colombia to support the Colombian industry.

2. Qualified craftsmanship by Colombian workers
All our pieces are made in a small clothing factory in Colombia that practices responsible workmanship and sustainability.

3. Our fabrics are 100% natural cotton and linen, no synthetic fibers, no polyester
Our oceans are contaminated with plastic micro particles, most of which come from the polyester fabric industry. This is why we do not include polyester, unless it’s recycled polyester. Natural fibers are also more gentle on the delicate skin of our little ones!

4. 100% wood and 100% natural fibers
Our buttons are made out of wood, zippers are metal and tags are cotton to avoid the use of plastic.

5. We strive to make most of our pieces unisex
Along with some key basics, so that in the future they can be reused by a brother, a sister, or a friend and reduce waste!

6. Our shopping bags are reusable
To avoid excess waste and the use of plastic.

7. Creating a more conscious world one child at a time
Our brand will always focus on creating consciousness for our planet earth, that’s why we include educational prints for our little ones that differentiate us from the rest. They are the future of this world!

8. Plant based packaging
Our clear bags used during our production process are plant based and biodegradable.

9. Some of our key pieces are made from recycled textiles and recycled plastic from bottles of water

10. Our tags this collection are made from carrot seed paper
For our Petit Terra children to plant their own seeds around the world!